plusIn a world without a story, we proclaim the most wonderful and true story of all! God, the creator of everything, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to take on human flesh, to win for us salvation and eternal life through His perfect life, His death for our sins, and His resurrection. All who believe in Him will be raised by the power of the Holy Spirit to eternal life in the new heavens and new earth!


heartThe Church is no mere organization of like-minded people. It is a living organism--the body of Jesus Christ! Believers gather together in the presence of the living God to worship Him, to receive His gifts, to offer our prayers and thanksgiving to Him, and to support each other in our joys and sorrows. We are brothers and sisters of Christ, adopted children of God. We invite you to join our family!


right_arrowOur brothers and sisters are strengthened  through teaching and preaching, so that they may  always trust in the Lord above all things, and serve their neighbors through their Christian vocations: father, mother, son, daughter, worker, citizen.